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October 21, 2012
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Prussia X Reader

Warning: So OOC, Yet you clicked it. Now you want to read it don't you QvQ?
Also. Make sure you got some tissues ;_; I nearly cried while writing //shot


As you walked down the empty hall hearing nothing but your soaked feet drag along your exhausted self you stopped at you class room and open the door seeing nothing but shocked eyes and giggly faces.

Lets just say, as you were on your way to school it started pouring hard on you all of a sudden.

You sighed heavily hearing few mocking voices and sat right down at your seat next to the muggy window hearing the rain mock you as well.

Letting out an exhausted sigh getting used to the 'everyday' Schedule. You opened your bag seeing nothing but damped wet paper falling out your notebook from the rain.

Luckily, the bell rung and the next period you had was lunch, Or maybe not so lucky… You forgot that too.

As you got out you seat you ran you hand threw you (h/c) bangs and walked out the class room you herd steps behind you.

"Vhy so late (f/n)?" You swayed your head to the side glancing at your dear good friend Gilbert along with Antonio and Francis.

"Overslept." You turned you head back walking away from them.

"Your always so late chica, What's wrong?" You herd concerned in there voices, You didn't want to tell them and you probably thought they would act different towards you or just make fun.

"Overslept." You repeated yourself again with more ignorance in your tone of voice.

They knew you were mad. Yet they still cared.

As you walked away from the group of friends you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

Just getting the feeling they cared made you kind of sad, wondering why do they or what if they just backstab you?

Antonio and Francis frowned with concern and soon glanced at Gilbert.

"Vhat..?" The albino wasn't quite sure where this was going.

"Ohonhon~ Someone's going to have to make sure (f/n) is alright" Francis said winking at Gilbert.

"Si, I'm pretty sure she'll be surprised you really care" Tony smiled back at Francis.

Soon the snowed white hair man understood what they were talking about and his cheeks began to heat up quickly with his eyes widening in shock.

"How did you know !?" He shouted at them nearly causing everyone to glance at them.

Antonio and Francis smirked at each other and looked at the confused boy.

"It's pretty Obvious~ Honhon.."

"Even when compliment her, you blush so hard tha--"

"OK OK, JA I GET IT." Gilbert ignored them feeling his cheeks cool down and glanced the other way feeling Gilbird pop out his hoodie.

The little ball of yellow flew towards your direction making loud chirping noises.

Gilbert looked confused narrowing his eyes to the side.

"Ok fine."

Francis and Antonio smiled in approval.

A loud struck of thunder caused everyone to stop at what they where doing.

"Oh gosh"

"Did you hear that?"

"I hope there's no lighting."

Gilbert herd loud chirping noises from the end of the hall and sighed heavily.

"I'll be back" He walked down towards the hall leaving his two friends behind.

His red burying eyes widened in shock. As he store down at the garbage.

Your book bag was covered in dirt and papers. He knew it was yours. He knew something happened to you. He felt his stomach knot up causing a terrible questions wonder threw his head.

He eyes couldn't go any wider- he spotted a bloody tissue in your bag and pulled it out. It was your hanker shift. Every student was given one. And your signature was on it.

A loud clack noise was made, nearly causing him to flinch. He stuffed the hanker shift in his hoodie and looked out the doors seeing the rain fall down, making the same mocking sounds earlier.

Gilbird sat right on the handle.

B-bump, B-bump, B-bump…

'(f/n) Where did you go…?'

He put his hoodie over his head for protection, sat his book bag down, and swung open the doors.

Not even five seconds passed and he was covered head-to-toes in rain water.

Gilbird flew onto his shoulder nuzzling into his neck, he felt the thick mud that was dirt a feel hours go climb onto his feet slowing him down.

"(f/n) !" As he shouted your name loudly he herd a loud splash.

How can he hear that? He's no where near the pool, or is that where it's coming from..?

Something was pulling him towards you; Or trying to get his attention.

He ran fast as he could to the community center were all the students would take swimming lessons or go there for the summer.

He felt like he was losing his mind. It was terrifying for him.

He soon saw, or thought he saw you standing by the entrance gate pulling on the on it harshly.

Not being able to see clearly he wiped his eyes feeling the soak water fall off him and quickly looked up.

You weren't there.


'I  C A N ' T  T A K E  I T  A N Y M O R E.'

It's been thirty minutes since Gilbert lost track of you, his heart rate couldn't go any faster. He checked the locker rooms, the pools on the outside, the bathrooms. He missed about a period just to find you. He really did care.

The albino boy swung open the door for the inside pools and panted heavily. He rain his hand threw the soak wet snowy hair he had and got back up.

He attention was caught by a sound of someone or SOMETHING being dumped into the water.

His soaked body looked up weakly and began to walk.

Gilbird flew right out of his hoodie and started going near the seven feet pool. He sat by the ledge pointing at the water.

The thoughts that swam threw his head was the thoughts he didn't want to be real.

' I ' M  S O  S O R R Y'

He collapse to the ground harshly.

Feeling like he was about to tear his knees into two.


There your were, lifeless in the bottom of the pool with some-sort of metal attached to your leg.

"Gilbird ! Go get help, Now" He shouted with nothing but concern in his voice.

The yellow bird flew right out the window chirping the loudest as he can. Gilbert swung of the red hoodie he had and kicked off his shoes, although it didn't really matter since half of his body was already half wet.

[Your P.O.V.]

I can't stand it. I didn't want this. As long as everyone is happy I'm fine with that.

I want to cry. But the pool with just wash away my tears.

I want to scream. But the pool will just clog up my throat an the pain will hurt more than it needs to.

I want to breath but. I'll Drown…

[Normal P.O.V.]

Gilbert tugged onto the deflated floating that he assumed was metal and hurried and pulled you up.

It took time to get out of the water but he soon made it  gasping for as much air as he can.

"(f-f/n)??" He panted your name feeling exhausted and pushed you up onto the edge.

He climbed up. And soon hurried checking for your pulse.


He checked again.


"(f/n) !?" he planted both his hands on your chest pounding to get your pulse back.

"Bitte.. Please don't do vis…" His german accent was thick. Soon as he pounded on your chest he felt tears plop onto you face.

"Don't just.. Don't.." His hair was on your fore head. He closed his eyes shredding another tear.

He looked down at you with trembling eyes. And soon noticed something.


'I can't just do that. I didn't even have my first kiss yet. And I'm pretty sure (f/n) didn…'

He gave up. He smashed his lips right onto you.

'I doesn't count. I doesn't count. I doesn't count.-'

The words wondered threw his head, but it did count. When someone's lips meets someone else's lips for the first time it counts as a first kiss.

He blow'd air into you feeling his heart shake.

He planted his hand on your chest. But something wasn't right.

Gilbert got the feeling that he was being watched. And then soon-- He herd mummers of people talking in the background.

Yep. There was probably about two classes watching him give you CPR, or what they thought a first kiss.

He felt you chest rise. And you started to cough.

He rose off of you separating each others lips as you coughed harshly.

Soon in the background loud cheers and 'woots' were being screamed.


You were cut off by the hug of Gilbert Beillschmidt.

Your (e/c) eye's faded out and hugged him back weakly.

"(f/n)…Don't even do zhat again.."

You didn't respond. But you nodded your head crying onto him.

"I won't…"

I actually had a dream of this just with my oc but i made it an reader insert because im like that QvQ

excuse my grammar its terrible =v=; and awkward moments of OOC //sob

hope you enjoyed ;a;

you (c) :iconsexyprussia2plz:

ps. Ill do a bonus ending later probably ;v;~

EDIT1: OVER 100 FAVS :iconlazepoolplz: you guys <33
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